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We are on a mission to raise $2 million to fully realize the dream of The Danielle Project Women & Children Survivors Facility. Your involvement could be the catalyst for change that helps us reach this milestone. Whether you choose to donate, fundraise, or educate, your actions have the power to make a profound impact.

Join us in our mission to protect, empower, and heal. Together, we can ensure that not one more individual is for sale. Get involved today and be a part of a brighter tomorrow for survivors of human trafficking.

Get Involved: How to Help

We believe every woman and child deserves a chance to redefine their future, irrespective of their past. By joining our mission, you can help provide these victims with the support and opportunities they need to embark on a journey toward a meaningful and beautiful life.

Our Big Goal

The Danielle Project has set an ambitious goal to raise $5 million to purchase a motel/apartment complex in the Phoenix area. This facility will serve as a safe haven for women and young children rescued from human trafficking or domestic violence, providing them with the resources and support needed to rebuild their lives.

Creating a Haven of Hope

Our vision is to create a nurturing environment where these women and children can access:
  • Counseling and Mentorship: A dedicated team of counselors, mentors, and staff will guide victims toward a healthy new life.
  • Educational Opportunities: Scholarships to cosmetology, esthetics, or trade schools will empower them to build sustainable careers.
  • On-Site Resources: Services, including an on-site clothing store, will help restore their confidence and self-worth.

Supporting The Danielle Project: Your Options for Contribution

Your generosity can significantly impact our cause, and there are several ways to contribute, each with potential tax benefits and even possibilities for income. Explore the various methods below to find the one that aligns with your philanthropic and financial goals.
Leave a lasting legacy by naming The Danielle Project in your will, trust, or estate plan.
Take advantage of the permanent IRA charitable transfer law to make a gift directly from your IRA, potentially reducing your taxable income.
Consider making The Danielle Project the beneficiary of your retirement account, investment fund, bank account, or life insurance policy.
Contribute cash or appreciated assets to us in return for a fixed annual income for life, with the rate influenced by your age at the time of the gift.
Donate cash or appreciated assets to establish a trust that provides a lifetime income and benefits our mission upon your passing.
Similar to a unitrust, this trust offers you a fixed annual income after you contribute cash or appreciated assets, supporting our work in the future.
Create a lead trust with your contribution, which supports our efforts for a set period, after which the remaining assets go to your heirs, often with tax savings.

By donating a portion of your property to fund a charitable trust, you can receive immediate cash and lifelong income once the property is sold.

Sell your property to us below market value, gain cash, and receive a tax deduction for the difference in value.
Looking to support your children and our cause? This trust allows you to pass your IRA to a trust after your lifetime, providing income to your beneficiaries first, then supporting our mission.

If you wish to donate your home or farm to us after your lifetime but want an immediate tax deduction, a reserved life estate can be a suitable option.

Combine a current donation with a future bequest, enjoying the satisfaction of immediate support to our cause and a lasting legacy.

Create an enduring impact by starting an endowment fund, which can support our mission now or in the future.

IRA to Gift Annuity Conversion

For those aged 70 or older, convert your IRA into a charitable gift annuity, securing lifetime payments and furthering our mission.

Each method of giving offers unique benefits and opportunities to help The Danielle Project thrive. We recommend consulting with your financial advisor to determine the best approach for your situation. Your support is invaluable, and we are here to assist you in making the process as rewarding and straightforward as possible.

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