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Joining forces with The Danielle Project is more than just a partnership; it’s a commitment to transforming lives. As a vital part of our community, your involvement enables us to broaden our reach and enhance the lives of women striving for independence and achievement.

Employer Collaborations

Creating Pathways to Independence and Prosperity
Our employer collaborators are pivotal in linking the women of The Danielle Project with essential career training opportunities. These connections equip them with the skills necessary to support themselves and their families, fostering a cycle of self-reliance and success.


Fostering Growth Through Learning and Skill Development
Our educational allies are instrumental in offering valuable training and certification programs. These opportunities not only enhance career prospects but also bolster women’s self-esteem and professional abilities, setting them on a path to empowerment.

Community Connections

Bridging the Gap to Essential Support
Through our community connections, we extend our reach beyond our immediate services. These partnerships are crucial in directing women to vital resources, addressing immediate needs, and ensuring a comprehensive support system is in place for every woman we serve.

Thank you to our current sponsors.

Kalie Graening
Nicole Campaña
Kalie Graening
Nicole Campaña

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