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Join the Fight Against Human Trafficking

The Danielle Project is steadfast in its commitment to ending human trafficking and providing education and support to those affected. We believe in action, compassion, and the power of community to bring about change. There are numerous ways you can contribute to this vital cause and help us reach our goals.

God's Children Not For Sale Initiative

In collaboration with Border 911, we’re launching the “God’s Children Not For Sale” initiative. Our immediate aim is to assemble 1,000 Survivor Bags. These bags are lifelines, filled with essentials that offer comfort and aid to survivors in their first steps toward recovery. A contribution of $5,000 will fund our Education & Awareness programs, crucial for empowering parents and children with the knowledge to prevent trafficking

Our Big Goal: A Sanctuary for Survivors

The heart of our vision is the establishment of The Danielle Project Women & Children Survivors Facility. This safe haven will be a place of refuge, recovery, and rejuvenation for survivors. Our ambitious goal is to raise $10,000 to lay the groundwork for this transformative space.

How You Can Make a Difference

  • Donate: Every dollar brings us closer to our goals. Your financial support has the power to change lives and restore hope. Donate to make your contribution.
  • Schedule a Fundraiser: Rally your community and host a fundraising event. Schedule a Fundraiser , you can set up an event that can provide critical support for our initiatives.
  • Attend an Education & Awareness Seminar: Knowledge is power. By attending one of our seminars, you become an informed advocate against human trafficking. Educate Awareness Seminar to find and register for an upcoming session.


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