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Our Mission

At The Danielle Project, we are dedicated to empowering and uplifting women, providing a sanctuary and a wealth of resources to combat the profound challenges they face, including sex trafficking, woman abuse, domestic violence, and the difficulties accompanying major life transitions. Our mission is rooted in unwavering compassion and the creation of a sisterhood woven with strength, resilience, and support. We are dedicated to fostering a healing environment where women can reclaim their lives and thrive, breaking free from the chains of oppression to embrace hope and a future where their full potential is celebrated.
In the short term, our focus is on education and raising awareness about these critical issues in Arizona. We are actively setting up dialogues featuring survivors and parents, alongside educational programs for children to recognize grooming signs and the tactics traffickers currently employ in our communities. Our long-term vision is to establish a housing facility that provides a safe haven for women and young children. This facility will be more than a shelter; it will offer comprehensive resources, including counseling, medical care, education, and scholarships, all designed to equip our residents with the tools they need to transition into a stable, normal life.
We envision a future where the women and children we serve feel worthy and believe they deserve a life far better than what they have experienced. Help us make this vision a reality. Your donation today can light the path to a new beginning for those in need. Join us in this crusade, as we strive to create lasting change and a safe, empowering future for women and children.

Danielle Boldon

CEO, Executive Director 

Marie Vela

Director, Program Manager

Richard M. Shapiro

Chief Financial Officer

Molly Mychaels

Fundraising Director

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